Found in 2017 by local artist in Chiang Mai.
Customize program for each artist who participate.
-Visual Art
-Painting / Illustration
-Filmmaking / Video Art
-Performing Arts / Dance
-Music / Sound design

Steve O Techadilok
Contact Person
Steve / Mr.O


Facilities and Equipment

Programs and Facilities
- Transport to and from airport/ train station in Chiang Mai.
- Introduction to Chiang Mai art organizations and artists.
- Support for artists to realize workshop opportunities with local schools,
universities and galleries.
- Full support for 4 - to 8 weeks of residency.
- 2 Studio spaces ( Approx. 20 sqm/studio) , office and outdoor kitchen area.
- Private bedroom in shared house.
- Access to the following facilities: Home library with computer, scanner and printer.
- Mentor, guide and translator (Language requirements : Working English. The residency manager can help/provide translation/interpretation and other assistance if required. )
- Use of bicycle.
- Wi-Fi in designated spaces.
- Meetings with local galleries, Chiang Mai art organizations and artists.
- Participation in monthly “AIR – Talk” event.
- Open studio / exhibition space.
- Access to Chiang Mai Art Public Events.
- Field trips to Maiiam museum and cultural venues.
- Become part of the Chiang Mai AIR Network.