Secret Art night

Sat 28 Nov | 16.00 - 24.00
  • sculpture
  • print
  • performance
  • photography
  • film
  • sound
  • media arts
  • multidisciplinary
  • painting
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• Nuer Sang Community Art Space
• Jojo Kobe Art Gallery
• Kit’nCaboodle
• Toot Yung Art Center
• Gallery Seescape
• La Luna Art Gallery
• Romain Guiot
• Dream Space
• Maispace
• The Meeting Room Art Gallery
• Chiang Mai Performance Art Group

On November 28, 2020, we would like to invite art lovers to discover galleries and the art scene in Chiang Mai in a friendly, fun and enjoyable atmosphere!

The secret show is to highlight some amazing galleries, artists and their amazing work in Chiang Mai city. Perhaps art is what we need to get through these difficult times.

With our map in hands, people will discover and visit some main art galleries in Chiang Mai and experience some unexpected art performances and art shows on the way. To end on a good note, we will have a secret finale party. The location is kept secret and can only be found via the participating venues.

Our event starts in the afternoon and continues well into the night (art night). With drinks in hand, you shall enjoy many of the galleries we have to offer here. We provide easy navigation with red trucks that will pick up and drop off people.

• Where does it come from

The idea to organize an art event in Chiang Mai emerged during the lockdown last April while walking on the empty street with all the businesses closed down and zero social activities. What else to do than dream about the return of a normal life, how to help some of our friends who are going through a difficult time, what do the people need to do ?

Quickly, we came up with the idea to organize a one-night art event. We started to talk with the owners of different galleries in Chiang Mai and it appears that all together we could make more noise, it’s when you are working hand in hand that you can create something bigger, attract more attention and help to elevate the art scene in Chiang Mai.

Slowly but maturely, the idea started to gain ground and became more of a collective idea that has more and more galleries joined--- from 5 to 8 to 11.

How can we elevate Chiang Mai art scene and its people into the international scene? Join the conversation.

• Info

The galleries will be open from 4pm till late; the list is available on our website (www.secretartnight.com) , Facebook (facebook.com/secretartnight), and on the map. Some of them will host special event. Free entry!!

• Getting Around

Art Night is an urban setting, and we would like to ensure that our trans- port impact remains low and easy for people to navigate. You can easily take red trucks that we have provided between venues, and we would encourage you to do so. The ticket will be for
100 THB and this would allow you to get on and off the whole night. Please get this ticket at any participating gallery.

• Virtual Map:

A PDF version of this map is also available for download closer to the festival. Any questions? Ask our Art Night Guides. Or get live updates on Instagram and Facebook at @secretartnight The map can also be viewed on Google Map : Google Map: https://bit.ly/3ms59PS

• Contact info :
[email protected]

• Catherine Vanesse : 088-451-0350 ( Eng / Fr )
• Nate Su : 080-838-3858 ( Eng / Th )




Many Venues in Chiang Mai
[email protected]

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