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AN-TI-TLE approaches Mit Jai Inn’s wide art practice through a new body of works. For decades, Mit has refused to give title to his work with reason that he doesn’t want to imply or mislead his idea through the barrier in language. Mit leaves his work as an open-end to encourage the viewer to interpret the work by themselves. Mit avoids the answer of whether his work fits into the western categorical codes of painting or sculpture, yet he often refers to his work as ‘painting’. He has an open and free approach seeking to expand the possibilities within his art practice. In this exhibition, he presents this potent mix in viewing his work, via installation and the physical display, encouraging the viewer to adjust the work as the receiver wishes. He seeks new terrains and emancipates himself from art historical one-sidedness, by blurring the categorization between art forms/terms.

This monochromic site-specific installation that comprising new bodies of works, which interplay and interconnect with each other in contextualization, creation, installation, materialization and the outcome of the work itself. Untitled (floor work), number of paintings that are made in correlation to the site of Lyla gallery using the floor, and function itself as a carpet and stage, both inviting and challenging viewers to have a different point of view in seeing the art work. Other series are installed on this ‘painterly stage’, such as Untitled (extended scroll), a new process that he has developed from Mit’s other bodies of work, Untitled (scroll) which he blurs the boundary of painting/ sculpture, as he applies color onto flat stainless steel sheet as a structure and form and creating a flow from curving and treating the flat form. Untitled (formed work) is made of wrapped canvas on welded steel, with resin and synthetic resin on final finish, creating lucid and transparent layers that reveal the trace of former oil color layers creating freely floating forms. Mit presents strong and delicate forms of structure together placing focus on Mit’s process of liberating the static characteristic of formal sculpture and painting.

The opening reception of AN-TI-TLE exhibition and Lyla Gallery will be on 21 February 2015, 6 pm onward. The exhibition will be on view from 21 February – 26 April 2015. Press enquiries and for more information, please contact [email protected] or 084-3881488.


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