Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space is an artist-run residency program in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. The program gives artists the opportunity to develop and expand their work and engage in intercultural exchange amidst a supportive network of local and international artists. Ne'-Na invites and welcomes artists to learn about the traditional northern Thai (Lanna) culture, and to explore possibilities in sustainable, self-sufficient living. The residency program is a platform for international artists to negotiate the traditional and popular art and culture of Thailand through their works.

Shukit Panmongkol
Contact Person
Shukit Panmongkol

Ne'-Na was founded in 1998 by a group of Thai and Swedish artists led by artist/curator Shukit Panmongkol. Since its inception, Ne'-Na has hosted and supported artists from all over the world. The program is divided between two sites: Monfai Cultural Centre in Chiang Mai city, and the annex site, just outside the city in Mae Rim. The buildings of both sites are reconstructions of traditional Lanna style architecture. Residence are welcome to attend such events and learn traditional activities, such as making flower garlands, cooking, dancing, working with bamboo, among many other things.

The authenticity and beauty of the Monfai building has attracted many film-makers and television productions, making it a popular film location. In 2009, Ne'-Na established a permanent collaboration with Monfai cultural centre, and it became the main venue for the artist residency. The Monfai accommodation contains an open plan 'messy' studio with artificial light that is particularly good for light 3 dimensional projects. There is a shared kitchen with full cooking facilities, five private ensuite bedrooms, internet, TV, furniture and a washing machine.
At both Monfai and Mae Rim, artists can engage with the network of local artists, performers, artisans and craftspeople of Chiang Mai. We are happy to introduce AIR participants to local professional studios and local artists, AIR artists are welcome to commission projects or aspects of their projects if they wish.
When available, on-site assistants are happy to give visiting artists practical help in executing large scale projects with their traditional craft and cultural knowledge. Both sites are organic in the respect that they both contain many potential working spaces and exhibiting spaces both indoors and outdoors, these spaces are suitable for a wide range of disciplines.
Artists, architects, dancers, musicians, writers, poets, researchers and filmmakers will all find practical and inspiring studio space, at both Monfai and Mae Rim, however, please note that Mae Rim is the most suitable location for studio-based artists.
We provide free transportation, including two round trips a day between the main residency at Monfai, and the annexe site in Mae Rim. Depending upon availability of rooms and working space, artists are welcome to stay in either location or to work between the two. Artists are welcome to borrow basic tools, but are asked to be responsible for most of their own tools and materials.

Facilities and Equipment

We invite artists to share any ideas for projects which aim to further the self-sufficiency and sustainability of either site. Ne'-Na is both a forum and practical venue for developing creative ways of living sustainably.
The organic orchard at Mae Rim provides seasonal produce, including bananas, lychees, longon, giant passionfruit, jackfruit, mango, and tamarind, which are available at a self-picked price.
Artists are also welcome to participate in rice planting and harvesting (Season: June/July-Aug,/Sept, and Jan/Feb-March/April). Ne-Na is a proponent of bamboo as a sustainable resource, and artists are welcome to learn how to work with this material under the guidance of local builders. Bicycles are available for use at both sites.

Contemporary visual artists pursuing an innovative practice in a professional capacity are eligible to apply. The ability to accommodate artists using very heavy or unusually large materials may be limited due to restricted access. The program could introduce artists to professional studios/factories to produce works. Artists wishing to use power tools or toxic materials (such as resin) should indicate their intentions.

Visiting artists are able to take up residency for 4-week to 3-month periods.
Residency Charges at both City site / Monfai and the annex in Mae Rim and what you can expect:
Rental charges at the two sites are currently set at THB 25,000 per month per person;
(except electricity bill for air-conditioning which is charged separately according to use (no A/C at the annex site)
There are no meals provided but we will take you shopping and you have the use of a fully equipped kitchen at Monfai and the annex in Mae Rim.

You will have the use of a studio, gallery/exhibition spaces, online public information and assistance in creating printed invitations to the opening of your exhibition/show and wifi.
Introduction to the local art scene and openings.
We will assist you in purchasing art supplies and what ever else you need. We will show you around town and can organise trips for you.
You will experience on-site assistance from the Monfai team.
Transportation between our 2 sites
- Rental charges/Fees are not refundable
- new rental charges/Fees from January 1st 2017 will be at THB. 30000 per month per person apply to both venues; City site / Monfai Cultural Centre and the Annex site in Mae Rim.

Artist-in-residence programs are currently available to apply for, any modality is welcomed.

Successful artists are chosen on the basis of quality and innovation of work, potential benefits to the applicants, the organisation and to the broader art community. Decisions are ultimately subject to the availability of the residency/studio.
Required Information

Proposals should address the applicant’s reasons for wanting to undertake the studio residency and an outline of their projects. Applicants should

submit the following information:
1 Proposal/outline of project
2 Preferred starting date and duration of visit
3 Source of financial support during intended stay
4 1 page CV
5 Visual material (see below) and image list

Preferred visual materials
5 digital images of work that has been completed in the past 2 years saved as individual JPEGS at 300-dpi resolution. Flim / Video files (10 minutes max.). Materials send digitally via email only.

Decisions are made by the Selection Committee which is made up of gallery staff, practicing artists and other arts professionals. Applicants will be advised of results by e-mail. Decisions are final and cannot be negotiated.

Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space is official host partner to Asialink arts residency program 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Floor Plan

tel.: +66892 666547
e-mail: [email protected]

Visiting address:
Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space, City site / Monfai Cultural Center / Living Museum
6 soi 9 Sukasem Road, T. Partan, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand

Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space, Annex site
205 Moo 5 Baan Pamuang, T. Mae Ram, A. Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180 Thailand
หมายเหตุ ไม่มีรถประจำทางแล่นผ่าน There is no public transportation to the place.

Contact Information: Tel (cell): + 66(0)892 666 547, Fax: + 66(0)53 408 396 E-mail: info[at]nena-artspace.com

Open time
City site / Monfai: everyday 10.00 am - 18.00 pm. Annex site: everyday 10.00 am - 18.00 pm. or by appointment.