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Found in 2017 by local artist in Chiang Mai.
Customize program for each artist who participate.

Who we are and what we do?

Chiang Mai Artist in Residence (Chiang Mai AIR) is an artist-residence program in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Founded by a contemporary artist from Chiang Mai in 2016, the art space has been provided by a colleague from within the art community. A central focus of the project has been the creation of a social space in which creativity, sharing and contemporary art can co-exist.
We believe that Chiang Mai is ripe with opportunity for international artists, and has great potential for those looking to develop creative arts in any one of a number of forms. Chiang Mai is a city home to a wealth of cultural traditions and artistic resources. We would like to offer our full support for artists who have a personal interest in the local area, drawing on our expertise in management, authentic hospitality and ethical sustainability.

Chiang Mai Artist in Residence is a space for creativity, research, and development, and embarking on projects from ideas in creative work. We try to overcome the limitations of developing in creative arts, by making it happen. We do not intend to be the studio-only studio, we also would like to explore the possibilities of cooperation in various ways, together, with friends, friends of friends, people we know, and people we do not know.
As a facilitator, we’d be happy to collaborate and manage a joint research within the time of your stay with us, by planning professional management tasks with our best.

Physical space may be limited and may not be limited at the same time.
We provide basis accommodation for leisure and working. However, if our space is not enough, we’d happy to introduce you to an alternative friendly space. The key to cooperation is to find and create new boundaries and new possibilities to work as well.

Organization profit
We are for-profit organization. However, the profit we seek is not monetary, but measured by the success of the artist in residency whom we support. We do not currently receive any external funding; your contributions will go a long way in helping this space to further its creative horizons.

Our expectations
We do our best to run a space which furthers the realm of artistic possibility. Accordingly, we believe that creativity shouldn’t be limited by matters of space. Of course, efficient management is required for such a dream to be realized, to free up the artists to spend as much of their day as possible doing what they love.

-Visual Art
-Painting / Illustration
-Filmmaking / Video Art
-Performing Arts / Dance
-Music / Sound design

or See easier on Google Docs in this link below.

Steve O Techadilok
Contact Person
Steve / Mr.O


Facilities and Equipment

- Transport to and from airport/ train station or bus station in Chiang Mai
- Introduction to Chiang Mai art organizations and artists
- Support for artists to facilitate workshop opportunities with local schools, universities and galleries
- Full support for the full length of the residency
- 2 studio spaces (approx. 20 sqm/studio), office and outdoor kitchen area
- Private bedroom in shared house + 1 free meal/day
- Access to the following facilities: home library with computer, scanner and printer
- Mentor, guide and translator, with a working knowledge of English. The residency manager can help/provide translation/interpretation and other assistance if required.)
- Use of bicycle
- Wifi across four out of five floors
- Extensive connections and the opportunity to connect with local galleries, Chiang Mai art organizations and artists
- Participation in monthly “AIR – Talk” events (optional)
- Open studio space.
- Access to and advice on Chiang Mai Art Public Events
- Field trips to Maiiam Museum and other cultural venues
- The opportunity to be part of the Chiang Mai AIR Network and broader art community

Fees for Chiang Mai AIR

Chiang Mai AIR (Regular program) : 30,000 THB/ month
Chiang Mai AIR+ : 35,000 THB/ 31 days
Chiang Mai AIR Research : 10,000 THB/ 31 days
Chiang Mai AIR-BNB : 1,000 THB/ day

tel.: 094-254-6598
e-mail: [email protected]

Residency office Address : 76/27 Soi Mu Baan Kam Yat Fa, Tumbon Suthep, Amphoe Mueng Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200
Whatsapp Call / Thai Number : +66-94-254-6598

Open time
Everyday 10:00 am
18:00 pm